Hande Magazine | November 2018


Pleasure Tourism: Ginimbi and Celebrities are Key to Tourism growth in Zimbabwe

Pleasure, and all social and economic aspects surrounding it are here to stay in Zimbabwe, as the voice of the millionaire and famous socialite becomes louder, becoming a literal industry. [Download Copy Below]



This issue includes articles such as 


A Hideaway in Darwendale, pg5

Mavhuradonha Wilderness, pg6

Birchenough Bridge, pg7

Fro & Proud: You are at the centre of all we do, pg9

ABBA: The father of Executive Wear, pg10

Cynthia Jones the Self-taught Cake Artist, pg15

Cafe Espresso at Airports in Zimbabwe and Zambia, pg16

Aged Steaks at Chop Chop, pg17

A Must try for Coffee Tourists, pg18

The Meikles Story and Tanganda Coffee, pg19

Joina City the heart of the City, pg20

Smart Kids and the Valley of Life Trust, pg21

Mike Mamhiyo: The Outdoor Photographer, pg22