Agriconomy Magazine | Sept to Nov 2018

Understanding Command Livestock | By Mirriam Mawere

Under Command Livestock, Farmers, as primary producers, will access loans with three-to-five-year tenure at a modest comprehensive interest rate of four percent per annum.

In this issue of the magazine are article on Bees, Coffee, Pigs, Goats, Meat, Aquaculture, Milk, Yoghurts, and farming history of Zimbabwe from 1914 to 2014.



A Tale of 90 New Farmers (1914 to 2014)

Vumba Coffee: A Must Try for Coffee Tourists, pg6

The Meikles Story: Tanganda Coffee, pg7

The Many Advantages of Pigs, pg8

Looking into Organic and Conventional Meat Production in Zimbabwe, pg9

Aged Steaks at Chop Chop, pg12

Zimbabwe needs more Yoghurts, pg14

Understanding Command Livestock Agriculture, pg17

Stinging Sweetness: The Bee Business in Zimbabwe, pg21

Aquaculture Zimbabwe: The Fish Farming Community Organisation, pg23

Space for Lactose Milk and Dairy Products in Zimbabwe, pg25

Trade Dressing: Legal Implications of Product Packaging, pg28

Growing Zimbabwe’s Livestock Industry Using Intellectual Property, pg30