Game of THRONES and of THONGS

  • Written by Oscar Habeenzu
  • Published in Leadership

In the FOLLOWERSHIP of Leadership, there are those that play the Game of Thrones and them that master the Game of Thongs.

The Preamble of THRONES and THONGS

A leader can either play the Game of Thrones or the Game of Thongs at any given time.

The ideology of a Strategist leader is like that of Gorge Bush Jnr whose dispensations are well spent determining the thrones of the Middle East, whilst Activist leaders like Bill Clinton sing thong songs.

The camp of Activists can stumble over a thong whilst the camp of Strategists focuses on the throne whether thong songs are being sung or not.

Whilst Tupac Shakur was playing the Game of Thongs that got him killed, Michael Dell was playing the Game of Thrones that got the Dell laptop dominion.

The key distinction of the Game of Thrones from the Game of Thongs is that the former is productive, the latter is destructive.

The Game of Thrones is about "Cloak and Daggers"; The Game of Thongs is about "The Art of Crabbing".

Destructivity is the key activity in the Game of Thongs; Creativity is the key activity in the Game of Thrones.

Introductory LEADERSHIP and REBELLION Ideologies

This article, an extract from of two books – FOLLOWERSHIP and BEYOND REBELLION, gives insight into what makes some leaders focus on trivial issues whilst others keep their eyes on the ball of the throne.

FOLLOWERSHIP is a subject that speaks of leadership from a follower’s perspective, highlighting that every leader has leaders he follows and has leaders that follow him too.

The FOLLOWERSHIP of LEADERSHIP allows the study of leadership from multiple angels as opposed to looking at it from above going down or front going back.

FOLLOWERSHIP is the deliberate leadership development of followers that will eventually lead in place of the leader and this begins when the leader comes into power not when the leader has erred or exiting. 

BEYOND REBELLION is a book that builds up the argument for the conversion of rebellion into creative power beneficial for an urbanised Africa with Zimbabwe as the case study conducted in 2009 in urban Zimbabwe.

I am of the notion that there is a dimension or way in life called REBELLION that drives and shapes religion, education, economics, governance commentary and development. 

The absence of the evidence basis of their argument is not the evidence of its absence. So, the lack of enough evidence of its existences does not guarantee its non-existence.

To understand the developmental aspects of this thought, the thinker must fuse REBELLION and LEADERSHIP and listen to productive the reasoning thereof.


The Game of Thrones is a game of wit and execution of strategy by players desiring to enthrone themselves on a somewhat ‘iron throne’; played with passion and extremely cunning.

The Game of Thrones is as that of Cloak and Dagger, whence the players are hiding their daggers behind certain cloaks, with the opponent only discovering the dagger as it is swung at them.

CLOAK and DAGGER is a game involving intrigue, secrecy, espionage, or mystery, hence demanding honesty and fair play is actually unfair and illegal in the game.

The purpose of the cloak was to obscure the presence or movement of the dagger, to provide minor protection from slashes, to restrict the movement of the opponent's weapon, and to provide a distraction. 

In the Game of Thrones, swordsmen that have given themselves to the game of CLOAK and DAGGER should first be prepared for what the game actually calls for, lest they cry all the way as those of the Game of Thongs.

The only defence in the game is offense bordering on one’s ability to be cunning.

“In the Game of Thrones you either kill or be killed”, says Queen Sesi Lanister, nothing in between; victory is not an option.

The players in the Game of Thrones may not necessarily hate one another, but for the sake of the throne, they will contend until the inauguration of the opponent.

CLOAK and DAGGER is a game of manners, with gentleman rules of engagement, as you cannot break away from the way it was fought, but hope that you unique thinking position will give you victory.


The Game of Thongs is an ideological obsession by leaders of trivial leadership morals which they themselves are not able to adhere to; that including sexual immorality.

In the Game of Thongs, the leaders within a kingdom fight one another over sexual weaknesses which they all possess, using triviality to dethrone one another; the art of crabbing.

The Art of Crabbing is an innate weak social behaviour derived from crabs in a bucket that denotes the inability of one crab to allow the other to climb out of the bucket.

A crab will never allow another to get out of the bucket even if it means making the other crab look bad in sight of other crabs.

It is sad that if the energy used in the Game of Thongs were to be transmuted into productivity, there will be great achievements; alas destructivity is the agenda of this game.

Sex transmutation is the sole cause of the ineffectiveness of African Entrepreneurs and Leaders, hence whithersoever the African people gain dominance they seem to become sexual addicts forgetting the art of human socioeconomic development.

In his book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill explains how a man can turn the emotion of sex into creativity, as this emotion is the sole cause of advancement and action in a man. 

The African man, on the other hand, has indulged, and preached unto its upcoming generations that the emotion of sex needs to be expressed in sexual activity, ignoring its power to propel unto creativity for socioeconomic development. 

In the height of sexual ability, the African men is still the poorest amongst all human form on this planet, yet too blind too see that the answer lies in his loins and head – a choice to transmutation the emotion of sex.

CREATIVITY and the Game of Thrones

The creative energy of players in the Game of Thrones is used to evolve; thus creativity is their rise.

Creativity is an innate attribute of every person, dominant in males, because of their rational inclination. 

It is that part of the person that produces extraordinary things in the world, birthed from the mind. 

Conception of solutions takes place in the mind, after it has carefully processed the environment, problem, opportunity, and differentiation possible by the individual. 

It is then called creative because it is a solution that adds value to a human need. Creativity is constructive. 

The invention of the Telephone, Light, Aeroplane, Printing Machine, Commercial Bank, Motor Vehicle, Coke, Burger, and even the brick, are all considered creative, as they have added value to humanity. 

DESTRUCTIVITY and the Game of Thongs

The creative energy of players in the Game of Thongs is used to destroy; thus destructivity is their down fall.

Destructivity is the overdose of creativity, in that it is the other side of value addition of a conceived invention. 

Destructive inventions are all things that have a negative influence on humanity, as they cause human deterioration – social, economic, political, and spiritual. 

It is the same mind that conceives destructive things that conceives and invents creative things. 

The only difference is the addition of just the slightest negative emotion, which turns into negative thoughts, resulting in horrible things.

The invention of beer, urban youth music, night club, drugs, urban youth fashion, and war weapons, are all considered to be destructive. 

Michael Dell (Creative) vs. Tupac Shakur (Destructive)

The very mind that conceives destructive things is the same mind that can conceive creative things. Teenage boys have the innate potential to be either creative or destructive without effort. 

A teenage Michael Dell invested his life in creating an easy to build PC, turning the whole world upside down, and establishing what is now known as Dell Corporation. 

In the same breath, the teenage Tupac Shakur invested his life in conceiving a culture, music, and phenomenon of urban hate, war, polarisation, and parental rebellion that have changed the face of the earth as the vast majority of urban teenage boys are a replica of Tupac. 

Tupac Shakur and Michael Dell are from the same generation, yet from different sides of the mental innovation railway.

More on this comparison is in article titled FREAKIMAGINATION. 


The muscle control of those that play the Game of Thrones is far mentally superior than of those that play the Game of Thongs.

There is a radical distance between the loins and the brains of leaders when in the playing field that is seen by their moves, decisions, victories and losses.

A leader that understands the Game of Thrones will seldom stumble over Thongs whether or not they affect him as his source of passion is not the loin but the brain.

Leaders that have given power the loin will seldom move away from the snares of the thong on route to their desired throne; alas, what of when they get there.

Concluding Remarks

Leaders in Africa must stop focussing on thongs and keep their eyes on the throne; simple.